Geotextile material designed to protect your artificial grass aggressions of the ground. Masking and anti-UV treated. It stops weeds or other unwanted from growing by stoping the sun’s rays and preventing photosynthesis. Be assured, geotextile allows air and water to pass through preserve to right moisture level in the ground and ensure aeration.


A shock pad increases the playability and safety of an artificial turf pitch and keeps it at a top level for longer. Our artificial grass shock pad provides a comfortable and natural cushioning to a synthetic grass surface. Its excellent water drainage makes it a very popular product for Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, playground, multi-purpose area and landscape. It is light in weight, can be tailored according to your field, and easily installed as elastic layer for grass with low labor cost.

Joint Tape

It is 28 to 30 cm wide and is used to ensure that your artificial grass combines seamlessly with the joints. Thanks to its rugged construction and adhesiveholding surface, it provides long-lasting strength after application.

Triangle Brush

Carefully collects the trash from the field and pulled out during the games pile. Raises the villi of the lawn. Distributes the rubber crumb on the field plane. Extends the life of the coating. Leads the playing characteristics of the field to the standard.