Cageball - Mini Football Pitch Construction

What CAGEBALL offers

- Ideal for intensive football playing 6-10 people
- Fast and precise installation
- Plug and play in 5 days
- All sizes and specifications can be customized
- Efficient transportation with container utilization
- Possibility of single or multi-field layouts
- Can be adapted for multisport
- Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
- All components resistant to all weather conditions.
Cageball has been invented seeking a way to play football despite bad winter conditions. Due to the enclosed environment, the ball is always in play making the game faster and more dynamic, putting greater emphasis on football technique.

Specifications for a standard 24x15m playing field

14 steel posts 500cm high
8 steel posts 100cm high
24 sandwich panels 300X100cm
2 goals 300x200cm, depth 50cm
1 steel door 90x220cm
6 rolls of HIJAZI artificial non-infill carpet, 400x150cm
8 rolls of shockpad
650 m² football net

Non-Infill Grass System

Shockpads For Standard Fields

Shockpads For Mobile Fields

Velcro Joint System For Mobile Fields

Non-Infill Artificial Turf

- Natural look with no-odor
- Offers highly durable, stable and safe surface
- Requires minimal maintenance
- Soft finish providing better player comfort with minimal skin abrasions
- Different shock pads for different usage:
- Mobile field: Suitable for temporary fields, using Puzzle type shockpads with velcro joints. Can be dismantled and reinstalled anytime.
- Standard field: Suitable for permanent fields using Aircell foam type shockpads


Accesories to Complete The CAGEBALL System

- Scoreboard
- Projectors
- Equipment Lockers

Efficient Transportation

- Standard 24x15m. playing field fits a 20ft. container
- Cost effective transportation
- Depending on the project size, optimized loading